Creating Core Values… at School?

by Sandi Herrera on 4.22.14

Culture is all around us. It’s created constantly by our actions, behaviors, and values, and influences everyone immersed in it, to the point where those very actions, behaviors, and values become the norm or unexpected. It’s almost fascinating that something so integral to our day to day lives is paid so little attention, especially in places where our most precious resource- our children- spend so many of their formative years.

The Center for Social and Emotional Education writes the following:
“A sustainable, positive school fosters youth development and learning necessary for a…


Wisdom for a Happy Life: Be Respectful

by Anthony Lee on 4.11.14

One of the most important things to do in life is to be respectful towards other people. This is a concept that is so valuable that societies around the world have passed this idea down for generations. And yet, there are times when, because of various negative circumstances and observations, we forget about the concept of respect, or even deliberately disregard it altogether.

Why is it so vital to maintain respect?

It’s not hard to search online for reasons to be respectful. As an example, here is a post by blogger Alex Shalman that lists eight benefits of being…


Follow Your Passion – Good Advice or Bad?

by Jake Richardson on 4.9.14

Truth, or happiness fallacy?

Summary: Following your passion might lead to a number of disappointments when jobs don't meet expectations.

Key Take Aways:

- Constantly looking for something external to satisfy one's self might be a wild goose chase leading to unhappiness.

- Growing your skill set may work better in the long-term because it can be applied to a range of opportunities.

The saying we often hear when people discuss jobs and career paths is follow your passion. There's an obvious problem with the passion-seeking approach to work though. Not all work is something that…


Constructing Your Core Values

by marisa on 4.8.14

Leaders today understand that a strong set of Core Values can be one of the most effective tools for creating alignment within their organization but they often feel overwhelmed when it comes to creating them. For those of you in this boat I’ve come up with five tips to get you started.

1 - This isn’t a process that has to happen overnight. Did you know that it took Zappo’s two years to solidify their first round of Core Values? And since Zappo’s and their CV’s are awesome I’d say that’s a pretty good tidbit of ammo if your business partners are all, “oh my gosh we need…


Making The Case: Psychological Research Helps Business Succeed

by marisa on 4.5.14

I’ve spent years working in and studying some of the best companies to work for in the US - companies nationally recognized for being great places to work with incredibly low turnover rates, high engagement, and employees that are genuinely excited about going to work every day.

When I was the Culture Maven at Rackspace, a nationally recognized Best Place to Work, people would comment on how much fun our employees looked like they were having at work. And skeptics would question how much work we could possibly be getting done in the incredibly relaxed offices. In their minds we were just…


Catalyzing Happiness: Which Comes First, Health, or Happiness?

by Stacey Hall on 4.2.14

There is a strong link between health and happiness.  Studies indicate that happy people have stronger immune systems, which mean they are less-likely to get colds, recover more quickly from surgery, cope better with pain, have lower blood pressure and have a longer life expectancy than unhappy people.

Conversely, studies show that a person's health is one of the strongest predictors of happiness...meaning if we believe we are healthy, we tend to be happier.  This is supported by several studies suggesting that people in poor health -- including those with life-threatening diseases, such…


Wisdom for a Happy Life: Sun Tzu and Making Life Easier

by Anthony Lee on 3.31.14

For this blog post, I shall do something unusual: present wisdom from a classic military handbook, The Art of War, written by the Chinese general Sun Tzu. It’s a book that fascinates me because its concepts about winning battles apply analogously to virtually every human interaction. In addition, there are undertones of other useful principles, namely pacifism, patience, and sound decision-making.

I thought I’d share some lines from Sun Tzu’s work (from the Lionel Giles translation) plus my thoughts on applying them to everyday life:


“To fight and conquer in all your…


5 Skills Every Workplace Leader Needs [infographic]

by Lindsay Brunner on 3.29.14

Effective leadership has a lot to do with how open you are to change and lifelong learning. The core competencies of a great leader aren't built in, they can and should be learned. Successful leadership isn't about being born a great speaker, or reaching the top of the executive mountain, it's about knowing that you need to work hard every day to create an environment where your employees feel valued, motivated, and happy!

Check out this infographic from New England College for 5 key skills that every workplace leader should…


Nudge Yourself Toward Happiness

by DeliveringHappiness on 3.28.14

Summary: Doing what you say you want to do isn't always easy. Neuroscience explains why and how to make it more straightforward to choose to do the things that you want to do.

Key Take Aways:

Your brain benefits from help to ensure you develop habits that make you happy
Tackling your unconscious programming head on isn’t always necessary
Changing little and slowly can be easy

Happiness is sometimes about feeling at peace, about having an alignment between what you want to do and what you find yourself actually doing. It is most noticeable when it isn’t present.

Can you…


7 Steps to A Happier Day

by Lindsay Brunner on 3.26.14

In an ideal world, every one of us would be working a job we found gratifying and inspiring, and that we could be happy to go to every day. I know that for me, I'm on a journey that's leading me in that direction, and every day it seems to be a little bit closer.

Interestingly, for me, that journey hasn't just been about big changes and major choices. I've found that a few very simple additions to my daily routines have changed my perspectives and made me happier all on their own. I want to share my 7 steps with you today.
1. Start your day with a glass of water.
I'll be the first person…