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Whether they’re well on their way to creating a culture of happiness in their workplaces or are just inspired to do so, these stories stood out to us as ones that might resonate with others, and we want to share their voices with you. Let us know what you think!

John Korioth
SIX Austin, Texas
My name is John Korioth.  I also go by the nickname “College.”  It’s a long story I can tell you later, but yes, I did finish college.When I did finish college in 1990, the economy was almost as bad as it is today, and it was tough to get …

See how John and his business partner Chris took the lessons learned about customer service and company culture and used them to keep his bar from facing the same fate of many bars once the charm of being the new kid on the block has disappeared.

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Mark McCormick
Here is my short story that has yet to take place.....I have been in the shoe industry for 22 years. Both sides of the fence, retail first and then wholesale.Kids alwa …

Read more about the impact of good service on those of all ages.

Steve Hill
Zappos Las Vegas, Nevada
My name is Steve Hill, I am VP of Merchandising, and I have been with Zappos since November of 2004. The core value I want to talk about today is Build a Positive Team and Fam …

Read more on Steve's stories about building partner relationships by treating their vendors as part of the Zappos family.

Morgan Evans
Dear Tony,I heard you talk at on April 13th and have been composing this letter since then. Immediately after you finished your presentation I felt a renewed sense of excitement about my life, my art, and the world.I draw comics and …

Read more of Morgan's thoughts on happiness and the importance of self-awareness.

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