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Christine Brown | Chief Everything | Jazzd | CA

Dear Tony,

I have heard about the Zappos fairy tale from reading various media sources and have been a Zappos customer for a few years myself. I have not read your book "Delivering Happiness". Truth be told, I am afraid that I may, on reading it, be forced to look at myself and my own business culture. Tearing down a comfort zone is not to be rushed into. Well, first I have to order it....but I will give it a few days before I rush out to get it. I have read practically every story shared here and have no doubt that I would benefit greatly.

Like some folks here, I started a business almost 9 years ago, based on a thought that I could design and produce womens accessories - only that I had no training in design or business. Just a raw desire to succeed in what I chose to do. At that time, I had no idea what I wanted my "success" to mean. Did it equate to money ? Being able to be profitable ? Get past the 5 years that everyone talks about?...if you make the first 5 years, you'd be OK ?

Well, long story short, on a thinnest of shoe strings, I can say that within 6 months, I had money that I would never see in my lifetime had I not quit my wage earners job. It has been absolutely blood, sweat and tears in the first few years. Lack of sleep, food, etc did not deter me from working night and day. No drugs, no food, no sleep - just fueled by a desire not to be a failure.

Now,9 years later and a lot more money than I know what to do with (not to brag but I was too busy to spend it and am a normally non materialistic person), I am not sure that I have the same commitment to success or is it to NOT be a failure. I am good at what I do but now I ask, what is it for ? I am a fairly good person who does some charity and contribute towards good things... but surely there is something bigger and better ? I don't know....
but I will find out when and if I get Tony's book.

Thank you in advance for everything you have done, for showing us humaness.
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