People Strategy Sessions [PSS]

Expert Guidance to Help You Navigate the Highs & Lows of Your Business. 



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Our People Strategy Sessions are a sophisticated approach that includes expert guidance & recommendations so that your culture initiatives address your systemic priorities.

Executive Coaching & Strategic Advising


Instead of DIY'ing your culture, use our trusted experts to guide your team & culture initiatives.


In a PSS session, we'll:


Provide strategic guidance empowering you to leverage opportunities and overcome challenges so you can reach your desired and most important culture and happiness goals.


Help increase the possibilities of success by identifying and effectively addressing implementation risks, all while leveraging the existing cultural momentum.


Guide you on best practices for structuring internal programs to maximize adoption with the least amount of resources.


Advise on the best way to motivate and manage your culture programs' day-to-day deployment from leadership to operational.


Executive Coaching & Strategic Advising to recession-proof your business by shoring up your culture initiatives.


*Session lengths and timing are crafted with your input and based on your schedule, needs, and budget.

Executive Coaching & Strategic Advising


don't Reinvent the wheel! we can help expand on what you're already doing so that it works for everyone!  Saving you time, money, & frustrations!


DH will help you to: 


Gain a guiding approach from a DH expert with you in the driver's seat to level up your people and profits so you can succeed while rippling your impact to the world.

Tap into the proven DH frameworks and solutions to inspire, connect, motivate, and engage your workforce for tangible results.


Create pathways to business/executive/ leadership success and optimize the potential of your organization and team. 

Explore your organization's deeper needs and ideal solutions to ensure your people flourish and thrive while meeting the strategic results to successfully grow and scale your business. 


Build a culture that supports your business strategy with DH's expertise in a diverse array of industries which guarantees that our advice will be in the context of a deep understanding of your business.




Learn best practices

to keep your culture initiatives

from falling flat!


"The sessions were inspiring and made me realize how important culture is in the workplace and that it can be achieved. My biggest learning was taking something intangible like values and turning them into agreed-upon, concrete actions. Having guidance here is essential."

“You are such experts; the process came together so seamlessly. Being in the hands of such high expertise is so valuable. You know, some organizations read books and try to do it themselves, but being in your hands saves us all that time and money. We are all in. we're going all the way with DH.”

“Yesterday was humbling and inspiring- reminding me of our roles as leaders. I am so thankful for your genuine commitment to building this culture at Sprinkles that would not only create a positive work environment but also go beyond and better us as individuals. I love that we're here to build a profitable business AND inspiring culture!