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Do your organization's values still reflect the needs of your staff? Or worse, are they invisible?


Your company's core values are more than words on a page. They are a way of life. They are the building blocks of your culture.


Your existing values do not have to be static or set in stone. If they no longer resonate, a refresh might be in order. 


In the Core Values Refresh Workshop you will:


Redefine your values so that your team feels connected, empowered, and accountable for them.


Identify strategic values that positively drive business results.


Co-create a unified set of meaningful core values that represent your best, unique culture and can be used to guide a sustainable culture by design.


Attach values to measurements so your team can live their values and behaviors in an accountable way.


We worked with Sallie Mae to help them refresh their values. Leaders and culture champions alike can learn from Sallie Mae's story and how they honed their values and made it a co-created effort. 


read Sallie Mae's Story here


This is for

teams with existing values but they're not resonating with the current org.


under 3 hours


full sessions:
3+ hours


Virtual or


Varies based on needs, number of participants & customization.


What Happens in a Core Value Refresh Workshop?



Together, we will:

  • Openly discuss the meaning of organizational values. 
  • Set a baseline understanding of the importance of living values.
  • Get minds and hearts onboard with the role of values.
  • Collectively ideate on how to live the values. 
  • Work as a team to draft refreshed values.
  • Begin to discuss how to align values to lived behaviors.
  • Establish the importance of co-ownership &Understand the role of leaders in launching and living values. 
  • Plan next steps for a successful launch of the refreshed values. 
  • Solicit volunteer teams to lead initiatives to live each value.

*Outcomes are dependent on duration and customization.



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