MAP: Measure, Analyze & Plan

Measure Culture, Uncover Gaps, Build on Strengths





To experience real change in your organization, you need to measure your company culture, analyze insights, and map out a Culture Action Plan. 




Step 1: Measure Happiness


Measuring happiness allows you to see the journey of your company's culture. This gives you an opportunity to see the gaps and continue to build on the strengths of workplace culture.  


The DHi survey has made it easier than ever to measure happiness within your organization. 


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This survey will measure your workplace happiness as it correlates within the modules of the Delivering Happiness [DH] Frameworks. It is based on the DH Model, which combines 15+ years of experience in culture and 20+ years of research from positive psychology. The survey is designed with the expertise from The Happiness Index to measure your overall happiness at work and how it affects your workday.

Step 2: Analyze 


The next step will be to analyze the culture within your organization. We will work with your culture team to analyze and refine your strategic approach to human development by examining HR Systems and processes to ensure they are aligned with the updated values, behaviors, and purpose.


You will select the key systems that will have the highest impact on culture, and our team will conduct an audit on 5 key systems*. 


We look to see which approaches enable staff to live the values easily, and we will equip your culture ambassador teams to audit the rest of the systems.


Key systems include:


  • Assess how well the systems related to people management allow the staff to live the culture [values, purpose]. 
  • Vet each system to understand whether it is culturally neutral and aligned, or not. 
  • Determine steps to align that system further and reinforce values and behaviors.
  • Align a plan to enact changes to the most important systems from today and beyond.
  • Refine the people systems approach to ensure it is aligned with the culture. 
  • Incorporate elements of happiness in the people systems.

This is for

HR Directors, CEOs & Execs


vARIES, on-location or virtual






*A minimum of 12 people, maximum of 30 people per module session.

Step 3: Plan

This program ends with a workshop that brings the data to life, aligns insights, and guides your team to co-create culture initiatives and implementation plans.

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