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What role do purpose and values play in the healthcare industry?  Did your team take the time to establish core values but no real value ever came out of it? Maybe they are just words hung on the wall, recited before meetings, but never lived out in daily interactions. Many organizations stop here, but what happens when purpose and values are interwoven into the fabric of your culture? 


Hear from Jenn Lim, DH CEO and Co-founder, as she shares more about happiness in the healthcare industry.



Why is happiness needed now for healthcare?



The short answer? Because without a happier culture the team suffers and ultimately the patient experience suffers. Discover the symptoms of an unhealthy and unhappy culture.


Putting "care" back in healthcare


There are so many ideas out there on how to fix healthcare but at DH we believe to "fix" any organization you must first start with the individual [the me of your team]. Let's begin by bringing "care" back to healthcare by first taking care of the individual. How does your culture inspire and equip your team to thrive in a healthy workplace where new ideas emerge and purpose shines throughout the day?

How do you focus on the "me"? What does that mean in your daily work? No, it doesn't mean a game room or a beer fridge! True happiness is deeper than pleasure! At DH, we know individuals thrive in a culture where there's a sense of purpose in their work, connectedness is encouraged, and employees feel a sense of control over their day to day activities along with other key elements from our frameworks.


The best part — as you begin caring for your staff first you will see that ripple out into your team, improving the patient experience, and positively change your community. It doesn't just stop with individual [the me]!


Employee engagement is rising for this hospital



When we met Northwell Health, they were on a mission to bring compassion back to healthcare and reconnect people with their purpose and the reason they started working in healthcare.


But, HOW do you go about doing that?


Watch their culture story and see how creating a happier culture engaged their employees and improved the patient experience!





"We had lost the compassion for healthcare. What we needed to do was bring that passion back out. Reconnect people with their purpose and with the reason why they went into healthcare in the first place." 
Sven Gierlinger, Chief Experience Officer, Northwell Health





Download the Northwell Health Case Study

Our solution for happier teams & patients



Our DH Masterclass is the best next step for your team regardless of where you are on the culture journey because each Masterclass is customized to meet your needs. It takes place over 2-3 days on-site at your location. During our time together, we will share the "best of" what we've learned from our 15+ years of experience in the culture space. You will gain our proven frameworks to create your ideal culture unique to your objectives and goals. In the end, we will work together to create your Culture Action Plan [CAP] for a happier team and a better patient experience.


If a happier, more engaged team interest you, then connect here with a DH Coach|sultant for a quick chat about how a DH Masterclass can help your culture.



Together, let's create your best culture yet for your staff and your patients!