Higher Purpose Workshop

Purpose = more than a mission statement




higher purpose



Why does purpose matter for your organization?



Purpose drives business results.


Together we will identify an organizational purpose that motivates on a deep, intrinsic level and becomes the defining force of your brand and culture.


Discover and align your personal higher purpose with the organizational higher purpose and explore how to cascade this approach to create success and sustainability.




This is for

CEOs, executives, hr directors, culture leaders



vARIES, on-location or virtual

Purpose-oriented companies have 30 percent higher levels of innovation and 40 percent higher levels of workforce retention than their competitors.

75% of leaders think sense of purpose is the top driver for happiness at work.

What's in the Higher Purpose Workshop?



hp-2YOUr team wilL:

  • Explore personal and organizational alignment, meaning, and motivation at the ME-WE-Community level
  • Understand how purpose is the new ROI [ripple of impact]
  • Explore what purpose can do to embed culture and drive business results
  • Define your personal purpose, increase accountability, & enthusiasm
  • Learn how purpose alignment creates greater employee engagement & powerful decision making
  • Understand and apply the foundational pieces to sustain a best-in-class culture 







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