Human Communication Workshop

Build empathy, reduce conflicts

& Improve communication






Your culture is expressed in communication, and great communication is at the heart of any strong culture.



In this workshop, you will experience how Human Communication supports your culture and vice versa. The workshop begins by exploring your own inner conversations and teaching you the skills needed to assess and improve communication within your team, organization, and community. Plus, we'll map strengths and challenges related to communication within the team.




"Companies that have higher effective internal communications had 47% higher total returns to shareholders." — Towers Watson



This is for




vARIES, on-location or virtual

What's in the Human Communication Workshop?



YOUr team will GAIN:

  • The WHAT & HOW of team dynamics, breaking down silos, and adding effective collaboration
  • How to step into a powerful collective WE mindset & embrace diversity
  • How to master difficult conversations & resolve team conflict
  • Skills needed to facilitate effective team meetings and projects
  • Build the capacity to co-create and co-prioritize goals and actions
  • Approaches to collaboratively involve progress, control, and connectedness within and across teams







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