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Jenn Lim is the founder and bestselling author of Beyond Happiness, and the CEO of Delivering Happiness [DH], a company she and Tony Hsieh [the late CEO of Zappos.com] cofounded to create happier company cultures for a more profitable and sustainable approach to business. Delivering Happiness started as a book (New York Times and WSJ Bestseller,  which sold one million copies worldwide) and evolved into a business consultancy and global movement that has impacted and inspired hundreds of companies and organizations worldwide. In her new bestselling book, Beyond Happiness: How Authentic Leaders Prioritize Purpose and People for Growth and Impact, Jenn draws on her decades of experience in culture and strategy to translate it into a practical “how-to” framework for more sustainable workplaces and modern organizational design. She guides all of us—no matter our title or rolehow to live more meaningful lives through the work we do every day. Jenn’s mission is both simple and profound: to teach businesses how to create workplaces—led with happiness and humanity—that generate more profit, sustain all people at every level of the organization, and share how we can make a greater impact by being true to our authentic selves.


In 2017, Jenn was selected to be on the Global Happiness Council of Work and Wellbeing and in 2020, Delivering Happiness [DH] was placed on the Inc. 5000 list, becoming one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US. Jenn helped create the world’s first series of Culture Books at Zappos.com and has been featured in [Fox Business, Inc. Forbes, Fortune, EntrepreneurThe World Happiness ReportThe Guardian, Fast Company, Thrive GlobalMSN, CNBC Make It, Success Magazine, New York Post, Next Big Idea Club, SiriusXM Business Radio, and more].


You can find Jenn speaking at events [such as PayPal, Zoom, Facebook, Franklin Templeton, Lockheed Martin, Indeed, McDonald’s, World Government Summit, SHRM] around the globe [and in Zoomland], on podcasts such as Bloomberg Radio, The Atlantic, Newsweek, The (Jim) Kwik Brain, Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People, The Goal Digger, Hacking Your Leadership, Happen to Your Career, and The Dave Ramsey Show, working with organizations from Starbucks to Sallie Mae to create positive change in the world, or starting spontaneous dance parties with her friends and family. Jenn lives in the Oakland Hills, CA.


Beyond Happiness: How Authentic Leaders Prioritize Purpose and People for Growth and Impact is available now. 


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"Working with DH has really impacted our team and the way we work together, and the way we see ourselves as individual components but of a larger vision. Our team has really oriented around purpose and purposeful work. We make sure that everything we do, we find purpose in it, and that we are pushing the organization forward to be a leader in the industry."

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"Jenn Lim brought the insights, authenticity, and actionable advice that the California Conference for Women audience needed to hear this year. She challenged us all to be better leaders by embracing our humanness, our grief, and our joy. Thank you for reminding us to water our greenhouses and showing us the realness that comes beyond happiness."

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"DH is highly personal. They approach problems like a friend of yours would. Jenn's willingness to make things uncomfortable is not common from consultants. Consultants are usually looking to not get fired, and at best, get a change order and extend a project. Jenn is looking to provoke. There is a level of challenge inside of it that other consultants would shy away from." 

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"Yesterday was an unforgettable event. What impressed me most was the integration of all we are at Baystate (values, competencies, culture pillars) with your knowledge, expertise, and way of being.  Well past the reception, two physicians were nestled in a corner of the event space discussing how they could use what they learned to overcome barriers they face in the community health center setting. They were inspired! The entire day exceeded my expectations."

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" Thank you for not only for wanting to the video but for doing what you do with Delivering Happiness. She doesn’t realize this, but because of her keynote, that's what pushed us over the edge to do Delivering Happiness. I visited Zappos, and that was awesome, but when I heard Jenn speak, I knew focusing on culture was something we had to do."

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You spoke to me, well technically presented to the Illinois/Wisconsin North Region Corporate Verizon Wireless Team at The Madison Concourse Hotel, Madison, WI  on 01/15/2015. Personally, you spoke to my heart about the movement & spreading happiness throughout the world.

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Thank you for helping us make the TriZetto 2014 Executive Vision Summit a truly engaging and dynamic forum for the healthcare executives. Your keynote participation on Building a Consumer-Centric Culture for Strategic Advantage was highly ranked.  Excerpted from the survey of attendees: “Great Speaker”, “Beyond Excellent”, “Very Good”, “I want a title like Jenn and be in a positive environment”, “Good information to go back and transform our organization."

Jenn delivered a Keynote "Building a Consumer-Centric Culture for Strategic Advantage"


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What is your favorite part about working at DH?

“I get to live out core values at work every day, my favorites being #1 and #5. I can be my weird self while working with a team and clients that inspire me every day, I couldn’t ask for more.” 

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