"Be kind and help others while you gently pursue what’s meaningful to you. In the end, you’ll transform others and yourself into something greater."


Jessica Lozada


Jess has been delivering happiness intuitively since 1987. In 2014, she participated in a Delivering Happiness Workshop in Ecuador, and then, everything made sense for her. From understanding the Make Happy Work Model, happiness habits, and culture — to applying it every day and later on confirming, IT WORKS! She felt so aligned with DH, values, and methodology that later on she became a Very Happy Coach|sultant equipped to inspire organizations to be happier and more profitable with a sustainable culture. Jess is a joyful team player who loves to work with passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to help others achieve more in their own lives and work.

What is your favorite part about working at DH?

DH gave sense to my life and transformed me inside out, being able to connect and help people around the world to experience this level of growth discovering themselves, makes me feel fulfilled and connected to my purpose.

More about Jess

Jess was the Director of Happiness at Work for a company in Ecuador, specializing in Culture and Happiness. She co-led a Happiness Forum for HR Directors, and Culture Leaders called Happiness at Work Community. She organized strategic retreats and launched different initiatives to foster the culture of the company and community.

She was also responsible for the Commercial Development of the Happiness Unit and co-facilitator in Workshops. Also experienced in the implementation of competitive development processes for mid-sized companies. Now, after Jess moved from Ecuador to Florida, she is happy to connect with the DH team in the US to inspire and boost projects in the Sunshine State.



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