"If you want to change the world, first change yourself."

- Debasish Mridha


Kelly Lei


Kelly turns dreams into projects and guides people to create, invest, spend and give their resources in alignment with their values. After a decade in corporate to work with senior executives working in various roles [product development, strategy, operation improvement, six sigma, sustainability, PMO and DEI], Kelly started an investment company Glocal Network. After investing time in coaching startups and working with Delivering Happiness, she realized the importance of happiness at work, whether creating your own company or working in one. She's now the Head of Operations at DH, and a founding managing partner of Finclusive Ventures, cultivating diversity in venture capitals. As a Christ follower, she considers coaching as her calling and it was fate that she joined Delivering Happiness.
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"I was struggling with a lack of direction in my business strategies before meeting with Kelly. The overwhelming amount of information and progress needed almost prevented me from working with her. While working together, we worked on breaking things down to a manageable level and holding me accountable. I gained clarity and became even more committed to my business! I would recommend working with Kelly for anyone who wants to be held accountable and make progress growing their business! "-Sabrina Suarez, Coach, Sabi Artistry, Boston, MA

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"I have gained better clarity of my goals, fine-tune my life’s direction, increase my productivity and overall happiness. I would recommend Coach Kelly to anyone looking on improving their personal and professional lives. She is very professional and a lot of fun to work with. I wish I would have worked with somebody like Kelly years ago."-Kevin Martin, Real Estate Developer & Owner, Building Unlimited, Jacksonville FL

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"Getting to know Kelly for the past 2 years has been an absolute joy, Kelly has an amazing ability to help us zoom out and think through strategically. She has helped us problem solve issues in ways that had we not had her input we would have remained stuck. She is someone who has added immeasurable value to our organization. As her pastor for the previous years, I can personally advocate for her tremendous character and diligent work ethic. Kelly has exceptional people skills, especially in different situations and personalities. One of the areas I have personally seen her shine is in regards to how she works in team environments. Kelly consistently would be a part of groups of volunteers to serve in the community doing a variety of different service projects to better communities, families, and environments. Kelly has also been involved in the church by serving consistently in different capacities. She is a driven and caring individual who would fit in perfectly in any environment. I have seen and experienced how Kelly brings out the best in people, including me, and her optimism and sense of humor are contagious. She is a high energy, outstanding, and loving individual. "-Pastor Abdy Sellas, Doral Vineyard, Miami, FL

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"At the beginning of the sessions that I had with Kelly, my primary goals were to learn to better manage my anxiety, develop a plan to finish my doctoral dissertation, and determine the steps I should take in my career moving forward. However, I ended up getting so much more out of it, the whole experience was incredibly rewarding. It really gave me clear direction and confidence. There were a few things that set Kelly apart. For one thing, Kelly was non-judgmental and waited for me to reach conclusions and work through problems/questions. In addition, Kelly provided a framework for success not just in my paper but in other things I work towards in life. In order to reach success, it is important to visualize yourself accomplishing those goals first. Most importantly though, she was genuine and was willing to be transparent with herself in our dialogue. It really helped to know that she really cared about me being successful, along with the fact that she would continue to check up on me even during times that we did not have sessions. I think that anyone working with Kelly would benefit significantly from it, specifically, they would have the right mindset in approaching any other goals they are attempting to accomplish in a holistic manner."
-Charles Hilston, Higher Education Leadership Ph.D. Candidate, University of Central Florida

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“Who am I without my name and my roles?” "This is a question Kelly once asked me, and I think it sums her up pretty well. In my talks with Kelly, I think she’s asked me questions about 90% more often than she’s given me any advice. And this is good because she is really good at is asking the right questions. Getting me thinking. Challenging me. Challenging me to challenge myself. In my opinion, this is the mark of a truly good coach. Anybody can blabber off their opinions for you [and especially about you!]; it takes a certain kind of discernment to know which questions to ask, and when to ask them. By the way, Oprah’s answer to the question above was: “I am a child of God, and I am here to raise people’s consciousness.” I think Kelly would answer the same way."-Brian Simon, Author, Musician, Educator, Taipei, Taiwan

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"Kelly has the great ability to trigger one's thinking, and help to uncover motivational preferences, that lead towards personal goals. She supported me to broaden and explore my perspectives in a way that new solutions started opening, and my vision of the future became real, tangible, and achievable. She created a joyful coaching relationship, where I felt safe and empowered to recognize my full potential."-Marija Randjic, HR Trainer, PMI

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"Kelly has been a trustworthy business partner and friend for several years now. She is always looking to deliver value first. I experienced this when I reached out to her the first time through a real estate investing forum to ask her some market questions. Her response blew me away - not only did she take the time to explain key analytics drivers, she went above and beyond, and offered to discuss the topic in more detail via Skype. After several months of sharing insights and analyzing deals, we formed a JV together. I wired her money to close on a deal before we had our partnership agreement worked out because I knew I could trust her. As you can see, Kelly brings a real passion to helping others. As a coach, she walks the path she preaches. She has achieved financial freedom and the ability to pursue her dreams. If you've been asking yourself lately, "How can I be at my best, doing what I love, everyday?" then I recommend you reach out. You're likely a high achiever but if you know there's more, you haven't reached your full potential or living in full alignment of whom you are, working with an experienced guide will make all the difference."-Dan Ryu, serial entrepreneur, Director of Acquisition, Park Place Communities, Los Angeles, CA

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"Kelly asks a lot of thoughts provoking questions that are often left unasked in our lives.... They'll stay with you for days. Her style of coaching makes you want to open up and share your biggest dreams and vision."-April Tam, Managing Director, Equity Derivatives, Morgan Stanley, New York, NY

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"Kelly was so good at patiently exploring different options with me. Even ones I hadn’t thought of before! She helped me see clearly that I actually wanted my business to move in a different direction than I was planning. The amazing thing is that she drew that out of me. The realization was my own. Which meant I could really own it. Thanks!"-Ryan Sharp, Business Owner, ENSO Winery, Portland Sangria, Portland, OR

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"Before I started my sessions with Kelly, I had been overwhelmed with the many things I needed to do to successfully run a business. From actually getting the work done while trying to get my business on track, there were many challenges that I faced daily. My main goal was to learn how to focus and laser in on the strategies I had in mind and to properly execute those plans. What Kelly told me next inspired me, “What has brought you to this point is also the reason you cannot move forward beyond this.” Therefore, I realized that a change was required within me. She has led me to realize that the right mindset is required and that the desire to change is the key element in achieving any goal. During the sessions, my discussions with Kelly are always thought-provoking, and at the same time provides me with the necessary framework for me to continue in my journey. As an old Chinese idiom says: “The person on the spot is baffled. The onlooker sees clarity.”, Kelly has guided me to obtain that clarity."-Weng Keong Lan, Director, SoftRock, Penang, Malaysia

Kelly delivered Executive Coaching Sessions



"Kelly got deep into what matters really to me. She was a great listener and helped craft actionable steps for me to guide me towards taking my life to the next level."-Earl Valencia, Managing Director, Charles Schwab, San Francisco, CA, US

Kelly delivered Executive Coaching Sessions



"Kelly has a wonderful skill in sifting through ideas and processes to help me determine what's important.  She has a focused ability to help me prioritize my goals and to hold me accountable which has helped me achieve those goals.  Her enthusiasm and joy she brings to her coaching is contagious and I've really enjoyed working with her." -Paula Chapulis, Executive Director, Our Lady of Guadalupe Free Clinic, Baxter, MN

Kelly delivered Executive Coaching Sessions


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"Turning dreams to visions and making them become reality: Seeing opportunities through challenges and uncertainty"

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