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Kelsey Lotus Wong


Kelsey “Lotus” Wong is an artist of life and soulpreneur with 10 years of experience guiding and gathering groups to grow and heal together. With a passionate curiosity for self and organizational actualization, Lotus is committed to helping people wake up to their true nature, expand their creative capacities, and reclaim love and liberation as their birthright. In practice, Lotus has been on her own journey of self-exploration, traveling and working in over 25 countries from Japan to Iceland to Mexico. Currently, Lotus brings her whole self to work as a Creative Facilitator, Experience Designer, and Culture Consultant with culture coach|sulting™ company, Delivering Happiness, creative learning & development lab, LATE NITE ART, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion non-profit, Holistic Underground. To learn more about Lotus’ work and her journey visit


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"The Culture Team sessions facilitated by Ron, Shereen, and Lotus were inspiring and made me realize how important culture is in the workplace and that it can be achieved. The facilitators were very open and engaging. It was definitely not your typical training. The day flew! What I enjoyed most was that the facilitators provided guidance not only on what a better culture should look like but how to build that from the inside out. I loved how they took something as intangible as values and turned them into agreed-upon concrete actions. I would definitely recommend this Culture Team session to anyone interested in making their workplace feel like home. Having guidance here is essential." - Kim Bustamante and Culture Team, WISS

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“We just got off a higher purpose workshop with Lotus and Vero from Delivering Happiness and wow, our team is outrageously energized! For our innovation team, we’re having more awareness and understanding of what each individual's life purpose is and we’re helping each other articulate that. In just two hours, we were able to see how each of our individual purpose connects to our brand and our mission. Discovering my own purpose impacts how I wake up, how I show up at work, how my team supports me, how I support my team, and then how collectively we try to achieve that brand promise. Seeing others find their purpose is inspiring, we even had a couple of criers. We had some people diving in getting all this depth in the moment. And they said this is not a typical workday at Starbucks. And especially for people who haven't been on our team for very long, they were so wowed, they’ve never done anything remotely like this. Now as a time we’re able to work in a united, high-impact way and the team motivation is higher than ever!”-Annie Richmond, Director of Innovation, Starbucks

Lotus delivered a Workshop: Higher Purpose



“Thanks to the DH Team, Lotus, Shereen, Jenn who packed the house on BOTH their "Building a Culture for Profit and Purpose" sessions at Inc.5000, they won the hearts of everyone who attended the workshops. Not to mention winning the hearts of everyone on the Inc. staff.” — Eric Shurenberg, President and Editor-in-Chief, Inc.

Lotus delivered a Workshop: Building a Culture for Profit and Purpose


What is your favorite part about working at DH?

“It’s an amazing opportunity to work with a team that is aligned in purpose, values, and has a genuine passion for making the world a happier place.” 

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