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Did you know that Leaders put people into a hypnotic trance when they speak? Do you ever wonder WHY we say we are committed to something, truly mean it, but don’t follow through in action? Leading with Integrity offers an overview of the most common ways we fall out of integrity, how that impacts our organizations, and what to do about it. Along the way, we give a brief introduction to how the unconscious mind impacts our behaviors and a cognitive exercise for transforming limiting beliefs.


In this ON-DEMAND courseyou'll be able to:

  • Begin the process of exploring where your own integrity is at risk as you begin the beliefs exercise.
  • Discover the three most common reasons integrity is lost. 
  • Begin a deep dive into your own psyche as you begin to surface the beliefs that put YOUR integrity at risk.

    What's inside THE COURSE?

 VIdeo4 Interactive Modules

JLove and Kelly share insights into leading with integrity and ways to being exploring your own integrity in a total of 30-minute videos. 


Module 1: Intro & agenda - 2:04 min video 

Module 2: What integrity is and why it matters - 9:26 min video

Module 3: Top 3 reasons we lose integrity - 9:51 min video

Module 4: Ways to restore lost integrity - 8:43 min video



playbook    Digital Playbook:
    An interactive playbook to apply the learnings and      have a little fun along the way.







Jennifer (Jlove) carey

Jlove believes that everyone can and should live a life full of meaning and joy--and that we are each called to bring our unique gifts into the world. She brings her diverse background in experience and organizational design, leadership, positive psychology, and the unconscious mind to free leaders from fear and limiting beliefs and create work environments that are congruent, balanced, and deeply positive. She has lived and worked around the world and has many strange adventures to share, preferably over a bottle of wine. You can find her in San Francisco with 1 husband, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 200 fish, and an ark disguised as a minivan.  





kelly lei

Kelly turns dreams into projects and guides people to create, invest, spend and give their resources in alignment with their values. After a decade in corporate to work with senior executives working in various roles [product development, strategy, operation improvement, six sigma, sustainability, PMO, and DEI], Kelly started an investment company Glocal Network. After investing time in coaching startups and working with Delivering Happiness, she realized the importance of happiness at work, whether creating your own company or working in one. She's now the Head of Operations at DH, and a founding managing partner of Finclusive Ventures, cultivating diversity in venture capitals.  


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You will have access to the course for 30 days from the date of purchase. 

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