Mindfulness Practices 

Mindfulness practices to Adapt and Thrive-01


In a world filled with distractions and challenges, you need to improve your focus, and your ability to regulate your emotions and respond to situations instead of just reacting. This course will provide practical mindfulness tools to bring yourself to a healthier balance. Learn why connecting with your Mind & Body is important to adapt & thrive. 


In this ON-DEMAND courseyou'll be able to:

  • Experience mindfulness & power of choice
  • Feel balance & presence at the present moment
  • Increase your sense of control over your Mind & Body
  • Understanding the power of choice

What's inside THE COURSE?


VIdeo6 Interactive Modules

In 40-minutes of learning Javier & Naty share mindfulness as a tool to increase concentration, focus, and distraction management. 


Module 1: Intro & agenda - 2:00 min video

Module 2: Take control of your body & mind - 7:00 min video

Module 3: The science behind Mindfulness - 4:00 min video

Module 4: Mindfulness as a happiness habit - 15:00 min video

Module 5: Companies that embrace Mindfulness - 5:00 min video

Module 6: Insightful reflections & Q&A - 7:00 min video


Digital Resource:playbook Checklist to help you live in balance & presence at the present moment.















Javier Munoz Mendoza

Javier works with organizations around the world crafting their culture and happiness programs. He applies positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and meditation practices with information technologies to create cultural transformations in all kinds of organizations around the world. Javier’s unique talent is in blending technology with happiness and culture transformation principles to develop solutions for: culture development, innovation, team-building, leadership, productivity, product development, process optimization, cost reduction, marketing, and sales.













Natalia (Naty)  kotlyarova

Natalia Kotlyarova has strong coaching, training, and facilitation skills. She enjoys delivering training related to the following topics: building the team, creating the values and principles of the team, public speaking, and dealing with difficult clients. Naty has over 5 years of experience in professional business advisory services at PwC and has considerable experience in participating in consulting projects for local and foreign companies, covering such areas as management system development, change management, corporate organizational structure development, operations, business process design and optimization, market entry support. Natalia speaks English, Russian fluently, and Spanish at an intermediate level. As a person, Natalia has a very positive, enthusiastic, and easy-going attitude, along with a good mix of result-oriented and striving for excellence focuses. 


Mindfulness practices to Adapt and Thrive-02



This is for

everyone, leaders, executives & Teams



40 Minutes





You will have access to the course for 30 days from the date of purchase. 

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Javier & Naty are also available for:

  • Keynotes
  • Corporate Workshops
  • Live Leadership Trainings
    and, more...

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