The culture is the people. If they're not in charge of it, not believing in it, and not doing it, what does it matter?


National Business Capital 

The key to culture: Do the right thing by people; Put people first.

By Amanda Marksmeier



National Business Capital [NBC] helps entrepreneurs secure the best financing solutions within their exclusive global marketplace of more than 75 lenders so that businesses can fuel and grow their innovations. 


A few years ago, NBC came to DH to help them define the magic behind their strong positive culture so that they could stabilize and sustain it as they scaled. NBC had a tight-knit, positive culture that had doubled in size and was continuing to grow, so they needed to pinpoint why the culture was as strong as it was and understand how to keep it that way as the company grew.


DH was elated to facilitate a Leadership Alignment Workshop with the leadership team and the DH Experience with the entire company. 


The Leadership Alignment Workshop gets all the leadership on the same page so they can understand the current state of the culture. They were able to clarify the ideal culture's vision and goals to model culture-related practices, behaviors, and metrics to ensure results.


Next, the entire organization attended a 2-day DH Experience with our coach|sulants serving as the guide through the DH Frameworks based on positive psychology and the science of happiness. At the end of the experience, the NBC team walked away with a Culture Action Plan, which helped them define and sustain their culture as they grew as a company.  


Headquarters: Hauppauge, NY

Number of Employees: 90

Awards: #1 Workplace Four Consecutive Years & #1 in the HIA-LI's Annual Business Achievement Awards 




We checked in with the CEO and Founder, Joe Camberato, to see how what's been happening in their workplace since working with DH. 


Coming off a record year in 2019, NBC was poised to break records and max out goals in 2020. But the impacts of the pandemic halted lending [which was their business], the entire team was sent home to work remotely, then the layoffs came. It was a difficult time for the team and the CEO, but because they worked on their culture in the good times, they were able to weather the bad times so that they could come out of this experience better than before. 


Their business is lending, their supply is money, and the supply chain was cut off. They were forced to downsize but fought through it and weathered the storm. In September 2020, the team returned to regroup. Joe was fully transparent throughout the whole process. Slowly but surely, they brought the entire team back and picked right back up with everything they had done culture-wise. It was a crazy time, but it made them stronger and better. This is a testament to the culture. 


Retention Rate


Culture Works


Because NBC did the work on its culture before the waves of uncertainty, fear, and overwhelm hit the entire world, they were able to stay true to its purpose and values. 


Joe explains, "in all wild times, there's always opportunity. But if you don't stay focused, stay positive and focus on those opportunities. You'll never find them."

He's incredibly appreciative of his amazing team for staying focused, sticking with him, believing in the company, and bringing everything to a whole new level."


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The NBC headquarters recently relocated to a new facility in Innovation Park with 55,000 employees and 1200 companies. It's the second largest park office park in the country behind Silicon Valley. 


NBC has been named #1 Top Workplace for the 4th consecutive year. Joe credits the winning streak to the little things that make a big difference. He says the most important [and most obvious], do the right thing by people put people first.


They've consistently put in the work, celebrated even the smallest wins, and stayed committed to sustaining a fun, productive, positive workplace culture in which everyone wants to show up fully each day. When you talk with Joe, you can feel his enthusiasm and passion for his people. It comes down to simply invest in your people, and they will invest in your company. 

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