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Creating impact can feel more manageable when you're working within a purpose-driven organization or for a fantastic boss. But, even then, you must have self-awareness of your values and purpose to experience lasting impact and understand how your actions affect the overall organizational goals and your personal life. And, when you're working at a not-so-great organization, it's even more essential to invest in yourself.



We know the best way to create lasting change is to start with you, the individual. From there, you can start a ripple of impact with your team, organization, community, and world!

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Masterclass Essentials: 8 Module Online Course
  — Jenn Lim, Sunny Grosso
Who this is for Everyone, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Teams
We're sharing our essential frameworks for creating happier, thriving individuals [and teams]. You'll gain 15 videos, a 33-page playbook, an exclusive community invitation, and a course completion badge.
Habit Activation: Create OKR & Habits to Scale Performance
  — Kelly Lei
Who this is for Leaders, Entrepreneurs
Learn how to lead yourself and your team to take meaningful actions in the right direction and get ROTI (return on time investment).
01: Thriving in the Highs & Lows
  — Sunny Grosso, James Key Lim
Who this is for Everyone, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Teams
Discover how to create more resilient, adaptable teams through times of change and uncertainty. This course will walk you through a simple but fundamental exercise to help your teams and organizations identify key traits to adapt and thrive together.
02: The Power of Connection
  — Brett A McCall, Cathy Courtenay
Who this is for Leaders, Teams
With so much of our work happening virtually it's more important than ever to create connection and safety amongst teams. In this course, learn how to create more depth of connection through a simple, yet powerful listening exercise that you can implement in your next meeting!
03: Fostering a Culture of Belonging
  — Lotus Wong, Karla Rasmusson
Who this is for Everyone, Leaders, Teams
The future of work is calling for new and meaningful ways to connect online. Join us as we learn how to foster a culture of belonging and use creative tools to make remote work feel more human.
04:Adopting Optimism to Thrive
  — Paul Osincup, Kelly Lei
Who this is for Leaders, Teams
Learn why optimism is actually a learned skill and how it's more importan than ever for doing business and leading a team today! Use optimism to succeed with more ease!
05: The Purpose of Play
  — Paul Osincup, Kelly Lei
Who this is for Leaders, Teams
Learn why fun is a key ingredient in many fortune 500 best places to work and how it impacts innovation, productivity, and culture
06: Mindfulness Practices
  — Natalia Kotlyarova, Javier Munoz Mendoza
Who this is for Everyone, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Teams
Learn how to use mindfulness as a tool to increase connection, focus, and distraction management.
07: Leading with Integrity
  — Kelly Lei, Jennifer (JLove) Carey
Who this is for Leaders, Teams
Learn the most common ways we fall out of ‘integrity’, how that impacts our organizations, and what to do about it. Along the way we give a brief introduction to how the unconscious mind impacts our behaviors and a cognitive exercise for transforming limiting beliefs.
: Complete Adapt & Thrive Series
Who this is for Everyone, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Teams
Get the complete Adapt & Thrive Series for one price.

Take a peek inside our
Online Masterclass Essentials

We started an online course before online courses were "the norm," and we've been working remotely before it was the "cool new thing to do"! Tap into our proven strategies and gain insights for creating a productive, tight-knit culture in a virtual world. We've been using these tactics ourselves for 10+ years at Delivering Happiness, all while working remotely.

This course is the cream of the crop! It consists of 8 modules covering each of the key elements from our on-location Masterclass. You'll have 15 videos, a 33-page playbook, an invitation to join an exclusive community, and a course badge upon completion.



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