Thrive in Highs & lows

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How do you create more resilient, adaptable teams through times of change and uncertainty? Sunny Grosso, Culture Chief at DH, and James Key Lim, Founder of Future Proof, take you through a fundamental and straightforward exercise for teams and organizations to identify key traits to adapt through challenges and thrive together. 


Use this exercise to learn how to define values for teams, redefine them for your organization, or identify essential qualities to thrive through changes with two of our master coaches at DH. 


In this ON-DEMAND courseyou'll be able to:

  • Identifying your team or organization's adaptive qualities 
  •  Embracing your unique adaptive strengths 
  • Discover actions to apply the learnings 

What's inside THE COURSE?


VIdeo4 Interactive Modules

Sunny and James share an exercise to explore an authentic path to discover your individual and organizational values in a total of 30-minute videos. 


Module 1: Intro to Adaptive Teams & Organizations 9:25 min video

Module 2: Identify your team or org's adaptive qualities - 9:37 min video

Module 3: Embrace your Unique Adaptive Strengths - 4:50 min video

Module 4: Actions to Apply your Learnings - 9:53 min video







Sunny Grosso

Sunny is a founding member of the DH coach|sulting® team, a master coach, and a global speaker. For over a decade, she's been inspiring and impacting organizations worldwide, bringing her expertise to 20 countries and hundreds of teams. She is leading the charge for more purposeful organizations that create better human experiences, leading to more significant business results.





James Key Lim  

James is one of the original members of DH and is the founder of Future Proof, an executive coaching company.  With over 20 years of growing businesses from Fortune 500 to 3 Silicon Valley startups that became billion-dollar companies, James can quickly identify what he calls "the #1 small action to big impact" to grow profits, people, and purpose now and into the future.



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This is for

Everyone, leaders, Entrepreneurs, & teams



30 Minutes





You will have access to the course for 30 days from the date of purchase. 

"You were inspiring and insightful, knock it out of the park. Your journey really resonated with me and the tools you presented are something I intend to bring to my wider global team."-Lynette Addabbo, Head of Global Partner Operations-Google gTech 

Lynette Addabbo, Head of Global Partner Operations

Google gTech Dublin


Sunny "smashed it out of the park, exceeded expectations."


SIA Partners



"I logged in to see that everything was ok and stayed on for the entire talk. Sunny was superb!! She was so easy to listen to, her content was excellent. I even had my 10 year old [who was supposed to be doing homework] snuggle in beside me and listen.. he loved her too." 





“Sunny clearly knew what she was doing, and adeptly combined theory with real-life examples and practice – and all in a compelling and friendly manner. Bottom-line, this is one of those sessions that you leave wanting more.”

Gerardo Cervantes, Director of Development




“Sunny was brilliant, both as a speaker and a coach. She really owned it and was a hit with our clients. I was impressed with the process and personally got a tremendous amount [out] of the workshop. Sunny delivered happiness with a WOW.”

Kerwin Rae, Partner

K2 Capital Group



"To be frank, while I had originally signed up to "participate" in the session I was so busy on Friday that I tuned in to have it as background noise. Within the first five minutes, I was blown away by what [she was] saying and I sat with rapt attention for the duration."

Bernard Gugar




"[Sunny's] content is so relevant and timely for life and work today."-Kedar Shah, Cloud Architect with Google


"[Sunny's] sessions were truly a humble and inspiring experience!"-André Padilha, Google Cloud Platform

Kedar Shah & André Padilha


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Sunny is also available for:

  • Keynotes
  • Corporate Workshops
  • Live Leadership Trainings
    and, more...

Delivered Virtually or On-Location