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Veronica Fernández Mesias


Vero is a Coach|sultant™ who combines the research and science of culture with hands-on experience. She specializes in areas related to strategic HR, i.e. assessment and development of HR, corporate culture alignment and management, performance and leadership development. You may recognize her since she also co-facilitates our workplace culture bootcamps! Vero has also led processes of development and organizational change, including training and leadership of high performance teams in American and European multinationals.


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"Veronica is the epitome of everything you could want in a colleague and consultant; energy, ideas, professionalism, and focus. Her attention to detail and her ability to turn ideas into specific and practical tools means she is an integral part of any team. When you are looking for added value and a positive contribution that will make a difference - she is it."-Sally-Ann Hudson Global Value Proposition Manager

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"Along with a deep knowledge of the subjects taught, Verónica had a special ability to motivate and bring out the best in the participants in the course. Her handling of timing and communication was truly admirable. Working alongside her, even for a short time, was a real luxury."-Juan Antonio Cantelar de la Vega Global Procurement Category Lead [Information, Communication, and Marketing] at BBVA

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"Veronica is a joy to work with. She is very enthusiastic, precise, creative, and knowledgeable. And a wonderful colleague as well."-Mariska Hulsewé-Medenblik at Hulsewé Consultants, Netherlands

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"Veronica is an outstanding consultant and trainer, who truly inspired me with her energy."- Nicole Eifler Partner at Consulting House, Portugal

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"Verónica has been working for our client in Spain for more than five years now. In no time at all, Verónica has managed to capture the complexities of the project, captivating the Spanish directors of our client with her expertise and empathy. She animates people with ease to leave their comfort zone and to venture beyond the horizon as well as to think out of the box. Verónica is an expert in contemporary human resources and organizational development."-Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel Interkulturelle Aufsichtsrats- und Beiratsexpertin - CEO/CHRO Global DiVision GmbH, Germany.

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"We at Happiitude love you Vero. She is awesome and a very good coach. Her authenticity, subject knowledge, and witty humor makes her stand out as a coach. I guess her goodness as a human being makes her who she is! A very committed, dedicated, and clear on what she speaks. Her keen attention on participants' needs makes her flexible and super effective."-Karan Behl Chief Happiness Officer at Happiitude, India.

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“Vero constantly showed brilliant professionalism, responsibility to do not only what pre-described by the contract but even more. Here are the main points… - Professional coach and consultant. Vero has done numerous training all over the globe. She can find a "key" to different types of people, no matter of their status, mentality, gender, etc. Empathetic and caring. Working with Vero is really comfortable. Because you feel that relationships between you not only about business but more like one team, one family. Diplomatic and correct. She easily can smooth the corners and lead constructive dialog.” -Sofiya Akmesheva BI Group, Head of Happiness department, Kazakhstan.

Vero delivered Coach|sulting Work


What is your favorite part about working at DH?

"Help people conquer their limits, inspire people to do/search for something more.” 

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