Executive Alignment Workshop

Teambuilding & alignment, Clarify the vision, Improve communication






Culture changes begin at the top, then ripples out into your organization. This is why executive alignment is a key element of building a happier, more positive workplace culture. 


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This is for

CEOs, executives & leaders



vARIES, on-location or virtual

What's in the Executive Alignment Workshop



You will gain:

  • Understand the current state [baseline/inventory] as it relates to Culture sentiments and efforts.
  • Align on your Culture pain/dreams. 
  • Discuss your top business and strategic issues & determine business outcomes for this project.
  • Explore / ideate to clarify your ideal culture's vision that will support "The WHY, WHAT & HOW."
  • Agreed upon goals to model Culture related practices, living the ideal culture and metrics to ensure results.
  • Identification of top business and strategic issues.
  • Identified key tie-ins of your initiatives. 




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