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In the early years of Delivering Happiness, we used the DH bus to spread our mission of inspiring passion and purpose for a happier world. Now, we're using the DH Podcast. We can reach more people, have a greater impact, and don't need to worry about squeezing it into tight parking spaces! As an extension of the DH bus, this podcast is a virtual space to live out our core value #5, "To Inspire and Be Inspired."


The Delivering Happiness Podcast

DH has evolved from a New York Times® Best Seller to the world’s first culture coach|sulting® [coaching + consulting] company. Since 2010, we’ve shared our expertise as pioneers of culture change using scientific happiness to create profitable, adaptable cultures in 350+ organizations around the world — including companies, such as Starbucks and Sallie Mae. Join our conversation in exploring ideas, stories, experiences, and tools that create happiness in the workplace and in our lives.  


Meet the Hosts

Kelly Lei


I love turning dreams into projects (like this podcast). Sometimes we just lack a little inspiration or courage. A few years ago, I fell in love with coaching for its power to gain insights and find small shifts to achieve the greatest impact. I love learning through the experience of others. 
When I joined Delivering Happiness, I realized I could change the most lives and have the most impact by helping organizations learn science-based happiness and align their profit with passion and purpose. 
With the DH podcast, I am excited to learn from our purpose-driven guests, get inspired by them and inspire passions and purposes in the workplace and in the world. 

Paul Osincup


I’ve worked in organizations with positive, dynamic cultures and I’ve worked in organizations where I spent most Sunday afternoons dreading the upcoming week because of the way the work environment felt. I enjoy helping organizations create positive and productive work cultures because I believe it’s possible to enjoy your days off AND your time at work. Nobody should have to endure the “Sunday Scaries” or just count the hours until it’s time to go home. Work should be a place where people can be themselves, learn from colleagues, and have fun. I’m thrilled to learn from industry experts and thought leaders on this podcast about how to create happier, healthier, and more productive work cultures, as well as how to use the science of happiness to help us individually create more meaningful lives. Oh and despite the photo, I promise to ​speak​ into the mic rather than ​think​ into it – that should make for a better podcast listening experience ;)

Behind the Scenes with Paul & Kelly

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Get to know the personality of our hosts in this behind the scene sneak peek into our podcast!

  • You will laugh along with us as we continue being our authentic selves with you! 
  • The content will provide many ah-ha moments for your people strategies and your business. 
  • You'll gain new ideas and insights for creating a better workplace for employee well-being and organizational growth!


Interested in being a guest on our podcast?

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