Delivering Happiness [DH] Coach|sulting®

Exclusive to DH, our coach|sulting® projects

combine expert coaching with proven consulting frameworks.



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Sometimes you need more than a culture workshop to reach your org goals. You need a coach|sultant to step inside your org, work alongside your team, and map out your best culture journey.



Benefits to Your Workplace:


Do you find it harder to keep your culture intentionally moving forward as you add new employees and try to hold onto your best talent?

You probably have a financial plan for your business, but do you have a culture plan for a profitable future and is it working? Culture is a driving force behind any organization even if you haven’t taken the time to define it, embed it, and live it - your culture is still present. Organizations with a struggling culture typically experience an increase in turnover and a decrease in productivity and sales.

To solve these common organizational challenges and more you need to create a happier workplace culture. We have the frameworks and tools to empower you to do just that!

With happiness as your business model, you can experience positive ROI, such as:

  • 37% Increase in Sales
  • 21% Increase in Productivity
  • 300% Increase in Innovation
  • 400% Decrease in Burnout
  • 37% Decrease in Absenteeism



Through the world’s first blended approach to coaching and consulting:


DH coach|sulting® sessions, apply our proven happiness frameworks, personalized to your unique needs so you can scale and sustain for the long-term.


Our sessions are perfect for Executives, Culture Teams, and Individuals that are ready to build a happier workplace for their employees and customers while increasing sales and productivity. We work alongside you throughout the journey to understand your unique organizational frustrations and growing pains.


We will design and create a plan to live a culture that is unique and authentic to your organizational goals. Ultimately, you will realize the ROI of aligning your company values, passion, and higher purpose for long-term business success. 


All the while, you will have our team of DH Coach|sultants™ available to help you along the way as true partners in reaching your goals.




Coach|sulting® is our most extensive and personally tailored culture plan initiative available to you and your team. Think of it as having the DH team as an extension of your organization to help you plan, measure, and take action to create your best and most profitable culture yet!  


DH is highly personal. They approach problems like a friend of yours would. Jenn's willingness to make things uncomfortable is not common from consultants. Consultants are usually looking to not get fired, and at best, get a change order and extend a project. Jenn is looking to provoke. There is a level of challenge inside of it that other consultants would shy away from.

Delivering Happiness brought creativity, passion, and inspiration to our collaboration enabling our team to successfully begin our cultural transformation.