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Q1 | I am looking for a way to take our workplace culture to the next level. How can DH help with that?



Our signature DH Masterclass is designed to help your team regardless of where you are on your culture journey. It is the critical step needed to produce your ideal culture for the long-term based on the Science of Happiness and our DH Frameworks. It's not just another culture program or culture initiative. It's research-backed, science-based, and proven to work by our clients! We also offer Workshops, Keynotes, and Coach|sulting designed to complement the Masterclass for a happier, more successful culture.



Q2 | How much of my time is required beforehand to prepare my team for a DH Masterclass?



We know that you are busy with the daily demands of your company and we are here to help you take your culture to the next level — with intention and purpose! The DH Masterclass takes place at your chosen location and does not require your team to travel to us; we come to you! In as little as 3-4 virtual meetings with our team, we plan your unique Masterclass specific to your goals and culture needs.



Q3 | How do I know if DH is the right choice for our team? What experience do you have?



We get it! There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to culture. In our 15+ years of culture experience, we've seen a lot of approaches, some that are okay and some that are not so great. We understand choosing the right culture partner is essential and one that you want to get right.

We're helping organizations adopt the principles Tony Hsieh used to take Zappos from $0 to $2 billion. We’ve spent years developing our science-based strategy to build your best culture  and, it works regardless of your organizational size or level of culture readiness. We can help you create a happier workplace and build a more profitable business because when employees are happier at work, your business grows.



Q4 | Is it worth devoting 2 days to a DH Masterclass?



We believe so and so do our clients! Joseph Camberato, National Business Capital & Services, said: "DH’s two-day Masterclass were the two best days that we’ve ever committed to in the company." We know it's a big ask to devote time to culture, and we work hard to make sure it's worth every minute for your team.



Q5 | Will our Masterclass learnings fall flat after you leave? Or, will these frameworks lead to a real culture change? Will our team be able to run with these learnings and is it sustainable for the long-term?



Our approach is not to be your culture cheerleader, inspire your team, then leave, and nothing changes! We equip you with a Culture Action Plan [CAP], built from the 5 key elements of a sustainable, more profitable culture! Your team will have the frameworks and resources needed to take the reigns and continue creating your ideal culture. We know that after your Masterclass sustainment is key that’s why we include 30-minute check-in's at 1, 3, and 6 months. These calls are to help with any hurdles you may encounter and to share ideas to keep you on the right path and your motivation high.



Q6 | How do I get my team to let their guard down, engage in the Masterclass, and start living our values and purpose?



That's where we can help, and we always like to sprinkle in a little DH fun! We have interactive exercises that not only allow your employees to let their guard down and engage, but they will also discover more about themselves, their values, their purpose, and how they can help the organization succeed. And, no we are not just talking ice-breakers here! The atmosphere of the room will positively change as your team starts diving into the Science of Happiness and our DH Frameworks. This is where the rubber meets the road, and team alignment starts taking shape for your best culture yet! Together, we've got this!




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