Activate + Live Values Workshop

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Are your values just collecting dust on the wall, or are they the embodiment of your team? 


If you have already defined your values but are still not seeing them brought to life by leaders and teams, then the Activate + Live Values Workshop is for you.  


Each team member has the opportunity every day to be a leader in how they represent your organization through its values. This is seen in how they handle complex and unpredictable situations and work with your customers, your shareholders, and each other.


This workshop will take your existing values and bring them to life through role-play, storytelling, and actionable tools so that you can recognize, share and live your values.


This is for

Teams who've defined values, & are now ready to live their values within the org.


under 3 hours


full sessions:
3+ hours


Virtual or


Varies based on needs, number of participants & customization.


What's in the Activate + Live Values Workshop?


Together, we will:

  • Our Coach|sultants will guide you on how to create campaigns specifically designed to activate each of your core values.
  • Help you implement tools that utilize the core elements of the science of happiness - connectedness, sense of control, and sense of progress - to activate your values through powerful custom initiatives. 
  • We connect your employee's personal values to your corporate values and behaviors to create alignment and deep understanding. 
  • We help you create the psychological safety conditions for the expression of your corporate values as new habits. 

*Outcomes are dependent on duration and customization.




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