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Our signature 2-3 day Masterclass is experientially and scientifically designed to align your team, increase productivity, and grow your business.

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Benefits to Your Workplace


Are you struggling to keep your best talent from quitting? Do your employees feel frustrated and not empowered to do their best work, resulting in lower sales, poor customer service and overall inefficiencies?

The solution to these common organizational problems is creating a happier, sustainable workplace culture.

Curious about what that actually looks like in your day-to-day?

  • All your employees living your values in their daily decisions and communication.
  • Values are embedded in your internal processes -- hiring, feedback, recognition, and promotion -- so they’re lived authentically.
  • Employees are inspired to achieve more, not driven by fear to accomplish less.
  • You gain competitive advantage as your team strengthens your culture every day.
  • The impact of higher purpose within your organization ripples out to your customers and community.

As a pioneer in company culture, we know these organizations exist, and a DH Masterclass can help you realize it for your company.

When you put into practice our proven DH Frameworks, you can experience the effects of 

  • 37% Increase in Sales
  • 21% Increase in Productivity
  • 300% Increase in Innovation
  • 400% Decrease in Burnout
  • 37% Decrease in Absenteeism



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Why a DH Masterclass?


Our Masterclass is ideal for Executives, Senior Leaders, and Culture Teams that are ready to build a sustainable, more profitable and happier culture for their employees and teams. It takes place over the course of two to three days and is a deep dive into the essentials of the Science of Happiness, Positive Psychology, and our DH Frameworks.

Through a DH Masterclass:

  • Gain the culture tools needed to support and drive long-term business success
  • Align personal values with company values while developing essential shared behaviors.
  • Define your organization’s unique character and competitive advantage.
  • Learn how to measure your culture to grow your bottom line.
  • Create a CAP [Culture Action Plan] to align your company’s higher purpose and values for a more successful business.

Since DH began, we’ve been delivering our services to organizations around the world, across industry and size, to create happier, more profitable companies. If you’re ready to create a sustainable culture of happiness and realize its ROI for your business, we’d love to partner with you to make it happen.


Are you ready?


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Masterclass Sample Agenda


DAY 1: Building

- Hear the pioneering culture stories of Zappos and DH.

- Deep dive into the five steps to a sustainable culture and discover our science-based happiness frameworks.

- Learn the role values and higher purpose play in culture.

- Discover your top three personal values and a process for developing authentic and lasting values for your company.

DAY 2: Applying

- Experience the main elements of the science of happiness to increase employee happiness and productivity.

- Discover how to align purpose and values sustainably.

- Create your customized CAP (Culture Action Plan) outlining your approach to values and purpose, and brainstorm initiatives that foster progress, control, and connectedness within your workforce.

DAY 3: Designing [optional]

- Identify the top elements of your culture to enable your most critical business needs and goals.

- Utilize our Culture Inventory tool to uncover where Values and Purpose can live within your organization.

- Work closely with our experienced DH Coachsultants[™] to ideate and develop specific, actionable culture initiatives.

- Use metrics to track success and link it back to real business results.

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Customer Testimonials


DH’s two-day Masterclass were the two best days that we’ve ever committed to in the company. Our coaches were incredibly organized and engaging people, and were immediately well received by everyone in the company. DH really brought the team together under the same shared values and inspired them to provide a more compassionate and empathetic experience for our clients.

Joseph Camberato,


National Business Capital & Services


We were judged so much, especially by our board, about this happiness stuff. But in 31 years of business, we’ve now had our record sales year in the history of our company -- so happiness works! You guys are the architect of all this with all the things you taught us. The DH team is our great inspiration!

Murat Ozcan,

Vice President


DH Coachsultants have been an important part of our organization’s work in building an employee-first culture. Their expertise and experience make them uniquely qualified to provide guidance on all matters related to building a high-performance culture focused on core values and a higher purpose. They are a part of our family, and we look forward to continuing our partnership.

E. Gindi &

N. Straface,

VP & VP of HR

Century 21 Department Stores

Ready To Get Started?

At DH we know that happier employees = happier customers = more profitable businesses + meaningful lives.  Let's work together to align your company’s higher purpose and values to create a happier, more successful business.

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