Delivering Happiness Workshops

Interactive 1-2 day workshops designed to solve specific culture challenges and create a happier workplace to grow your business. 

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Benefits to Your Workplace


How much financial loss is your organization suffering from an unproductive and disengaged company culture? (Studies show a 1000-employee company is losing an average $2MM a year from unproductivity.)

Are your employees misaligned and not empowered to do their best work? (Research shows that companies with a higher sense of purpose outperform others by 400%.)

To achieve this, you must face your culture challenges head-on and align your company values, passion, and higher purpose to create a better culture for your employees. We can help empower you with our tools, resources and experience necessary to grow your business for the long-term.

  • 22% increased profitability
  • 59% lower attrition
  • 10% higher customer ratings in Customer Experience
  • 44% higher employee engagement
  • 45% more adaptable to change

It’s time for a happier and more profitable workplace culture.

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Why a DH Workshop?


Our experiential workshops take place over the course of one to two days and are designed to address specific culture challenges. These private workshops are ideal for Executives, Senior Leaders, and Culture teams that are ready to create a happier, more profitable workplace. Your team will walk away with clear action items to face your distinct challenges head-on and create a lasting culture of happiness at work.

We’ve helped organizations around the globe and across many industries to create happier, more profitable companies. If you’re ready, we’d love the opportunity to work with you, step inside your organization, and help you realize your best culture yet!


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Workshop Menu


1. Executive Alignment

One of our most popular workshops! Senior Leaders align on purpose, goals, and key outcomes. Co-create a culture strategy to guide the ideal culture and a CAP (Culture Action Plan) to realize it. Emerge with an understanding of culture's impact on your business, essential tools to navigate culture change, and ways to measure your ROI.

2. MAP: Measure, Analyze, and Plan

Take your strategy into action. MEASURE your company's happiness, ANALYZE insights, and map out a culture PLAN. This quantitative and qualitative workshop brings the data to life, aligns insights, and guides your team to co-create culture initiatives and implementation plans.

3. VtoB Values to Behaviors

Don’t let values be meaningless words on the wall. Supervisors, Department Leads, and Culture Leaders come together to bring the values to life through role-specific behaviors. Explore internal and external paths to understand how to live each value, cascade behaviors into roles and rewards, embed them into HR processes, and measure.

4. Happy Science

What is the fuel that powers successful, happy cultures? Science! Explore the engine behind the DH Model and dive into the five DH Happiness Habits. Understand how these habits impact business from engagement to productivity and gain clear actions to implement them.

5. People Systems Audit

We will work your team to examine your HR systems, tools, and methodologies to ensure alignment with your core values and higher purpose. We will audit key systems to see which approaches enable and reinforce your staff to live your values easily. Your culture ambassador team[s] will be equipped to continue auditing other operations to ensure culture-based decisions are being made and reinforced.

6. Higher Purpose

Learn how purpose is driving business results and work together to identify an organizational higher purpose that motivates on a deep, intrinsic level and becomes the defining force of your ideal culture. Discover and/or revisit your personal and organizational purposes and learn how to align them successfully and sustainably in your culture.


Customer Testimonials


"The Delivering Happiness team dove right in to thoroughly understand our organization and where we seek to take it. They helped us plan a great day for 500 managers and culture champions that served as a kick-start to our culture transformation. I was impressed by everyone I came in contact with, their responsiveness and customized approaches, and the genuine care they took to ensure we met our goals and awakened purpose and values in those who attended."

Jennifer Faulkner, MSHC.

VP Team Member Experience

Baystate Health

"The Culture Team session was inspiring and made me realize how important culture is in the workplace and that it can be achieved. My biggest learning was taking something intangible like values and turning them into agreed-upon, concrete actions. Having guidance here is essential."

Kimberly Bustamante,

Director of Operations




"The concept of higher purpose was non-existent, we worked robotically with our values and mission without an understanding of how that was impacting our people and profits. The Higher Purpose Workshop changed it."

Nick Vega,

Director of Training

Alamo Drafthouse

This isn't just another culture workshop. Our approach works!


This is what your team needs to face the challenges,

create a plan for growth, and produce their best work.

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